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– Zara Pasfield and Renzo B. Larriviere

Astral was created for Vivid Sydney 2018 as a collaboration between Zara Pasfield and Renzo B Larriviere. Exploring multicultural views of the night sky, the piece draws inspiration from Australian Indigenous Dreamtime astrology, along with Chinese astrological charts, and presents them in a form which plays with occlusion and projection.

In working with this piece, I was given the parameters and physical design of the custom light fitting which the client had produced, and was asked to design a light show inspired by the stars in the sky which also incorporated as much motion as possible via the physically static light fitting.

Despite the lack of opportunity for animating with physical motion, the cylindrical digital LED matrix inside the piece did create a hybridised opportunity for producing apparent motion alongside animations absent of directional flow. The final show I produced hence transitioned through periods of rotary and vertical motion to traditional effects such as twinkling.