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Birds Of Lumos

Additional Programming and Technical Development, Touring Technical Management
Chimera Atelier

Initially produced for Vivid Sydney 2017, the Birds Of Lumos are a pair of giant Kiwi Birds illuminated by a bespoke internal lighting structure consisting of many rings of addressable RGB LED strip light.

Prior to their display at Highlight Carnival 2019 in New Zealand, I was responsible for a minor technical rebuild of the electrical system, along with some animation customisation and refinement for the event.

Through 2017 and 2018 I was also responsible for technical management of the piece whilst it toured numerous light festivals. This included liaising with festival representatives both remotely and on-site, construction (bump-in) and removal (bump-out) of the piece, diagnosing and repairing hardware faults and damage, electrical and control hardware preparation and maintenance, and on-call technical assistance.