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Cascading Harp

Electronics Design and Production, Programming, Installation
Pineapple Design Studio

Cascading Harp was created by Pineapple Design Studio for display at Vivid Chatswood 2019. The giant rope structure descended around 15m from the ceiling of Chatswood Interchange’s western egress, terminating in an archway of aluminium domes.

For this piece I was provided a list of client-selected lighting hardware and tasked with designing a wiring plan, control system, and light show to run on the piece. To achieve this, I designed and produced a fully custom lighting controller capable of outputting 32 channels of digital LED strip light data along with a full DMX universe. In designing the piece’s light show, I paid close attention to interacting with the physical colours and form of the piece, along with the viewer’s perspective, in order to create a mesmerising sense of motion and progression.