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Activation Design, Fabrication, Programming
Marta Ferracin

Coexistence is an immersive room-scale installation which explores similarities and links between human-made and natural objects. The piece consists of tens of Slinkys looped into themselves and arranged organically on the floor of the exhibition space such that they resemble Cunjevoi, an Australian coastal sea squirt.

Looking to experiment with the complex and mesmerising shadows created by Slinkys we discovered whilst developing a previous work, Marta commissioned me to design and produce a motion and lighting solution for Coexistence. The piece features 3 kinetic podiums, each of which house a custom designed turntable mechanism driven by a small stepper motor and controller. Two 2 watt white LEDs affixed to solid copper wires were mounted in the centre of the slinky, along with 1 either side allowing lighting position and angle to be adjusted easily on-site to ensure the most effective room-scale shadows could be produced. Additional LEDs were also distributed throughout the installation, creating an incredibly immersive environment of dynamically interfering light and shadow.