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Kinetic Design and Activation, Lighting Design, Electronics Design, Programming, Installation
Pineapple Design Studio

Florescentia was designed and produced by Pineapple Design Studio and Chimera Atelier for Darling Quarter to be displayed in Vivid Sydney 2019. The piece consists of 3 abstract flowers which elegantly furl and unfurl whilst bathed in a beautiful dynamic field of light.

I was approached to design, develop, and produce the light and motion activation of the piece. This included the bespoke kinetic system capable of being scaled to any desired flower height. The final system consisted of a custom suspended drive shaft mechanism, driven through a pulley reduction by a NEMA34 stepper motor. This was then controlled by a custom controller which synchronised the motion and lighting, and provided for configurable show times.

Upon this platform I designed and programmed an illuminated kinetic show. The flowers asynchronously progressed through a series of motions and poses, coupled with a range of distinct colour palettes and transitions inspired by the vibrant colour combinations of tulips.