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Forget Me Not

Activation Design and Development, Fabrication, Installation
Marta Ferracin

Forget Me Not was designed and produced by Marta Ferracin for display at Eden Unearthed 2019, hosted by Eden Gardens, Sydney. In activating the water reservoir, Ferracin transformed the forgotten heart of the gardens into a place of reflection and appreciation.

In bringing the idea to me, Marta knew exactly the effect she was looking for and was looking to validate a method of achieving it in the 10m diameter open reservoir. After some full-scale testing of a few different approaches, the system of 13mm irrigation tubing perforated with precisely spaced drip emitters was confirmed. From here I designed a rigging process to safely and securely suspend 3 of the irrigation lines across the reservoir in a 6-pointed cross, for a total exhibition period of 3 months.

Water conservation was an obvious additional consideration for this project. This was addressed by integrating the artwork into the garden’s existing irrigation plan, to achieve net 0 change in water usage. An irrigation timer was also used to limit the artwork’s activation to within Eden Gardens’ open hours.