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Gallo Chileno

Design Development, Structural Design and Specification, Activation Design, Programming
amigo & amigo

Gallo Chileno was created by amigo & amigo for display at Hecho en Casa 2018, in Santiago. The 7m tall Rooster, inspired by the Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus), stood in Paseo Bulnes facing the famous Palacio de La Moneda.

My involvement in this project was extensive, spanning development of the form, through design and specification of the skeletal structure, to production supervision and assistance on-site in Santiago, lighting and electrical design, and finally show design and programming.

Whilst an impressive sculpture thanks to its sheer size and thousands of hand-cut and fastened feathers, giving the piece a proper injection of life through its lighting was an interesting challenge. Armed with only a handful of static, but relatively powerful RGBW LED DMX PARs, I was determined to create not only a dramatic show of colour to match its character, but to also give the piece life through motion. To achieve this, I produced a range of carefully timed sequences which gave the appearance of a radiant energetic entity trying to escape containment within the rooster.