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Kid Kyoto

Activation Design, Programming, Installation
amigo & amigo

In 2017 amigo & amigo were contacted by Sydney restaurant Kid Kyoto to design and produce a collection of large window displays based on physical aesthetic of their previous work Landscape Of The Mind. In the development of this piece, I was responsible for designing a lighting solution capable of creating the etched illumination effect famous of acrylic on the huge, 3 metre clear sheets which were stacked together.

To achieve this, I designed a system of digital RGB LED strip light which was integrated into the steel base structures, along with a dedicated controller for each set of panels. Upon this system I designed a set of simple transition animations suited to the aesthetic of the restaurant.

Among the most important details for Kid Kyoto was the lighting colour palette and its compatibility with other details of the restaurant, particularly its branding. This can often be a tricky detail to communicate due to the huge colour space difference be discrete LED lighting technologies and those used in computer displays. To resolve this issue, I created a temporary wireless control system which allowed the Kid Kyoto team to personally adjust each panel whilst viewing them from outside on the street.