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Activation Production, Touring Technical Management
amigo & amigo

Octopoda was created by amigo & amigo for display at Vivid Chatswood in 2017. The giant steampunk inspired octopus stands above the audience, inviting them to move amongst its legs and play the drums on each foot. As with any public sculpture involving drums, Octopoda becomes an absolute swarm of activity, especially as children discover the joy of lights responding to their enthusiastic drumming.

Ahead of its initial display, I was responsible for producing the control and lighting system within the piece, which included over 50 metres of digital RGB LED strip light, 8 compact microphone sensors, and 2 custom controllers. Through 2017 and 2018 I was then responsible for technical management of the piece whilst it toured numerous light festivals. This included liaising with festival representatives both remotely and on-site, construction (bump-in) and removal (bump-out) of the piece, diagnosing and repairing hardware faults and damage, electrical and control hardware preparation and maintenance, and on-call technical assistance.