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Parrot Party

Activation Design, Programming
Pineapple Design Studio

Parrot Party was created by Pineapple Design Studio in 2018 for exhibition in Vivid Sydney. The piece features three progressively larger rings of colourful and illuminated geometrically abstracted parrots and is suspended in the viewing environment. Typically installed in intimate settings such as pavilions and narrow passages in public gardens, the piece creates a meditative environment which encourages the audience to stay and be for a while.

For this piece I designed and produced a light show for the piece which completed the intention for the experience created by the piece. To achieve this, I played with the physical colours of the parrots along with their physical arrangement and relation to one another. The resulting show was around 2 minutes long and included discrete animations which gently distorted the audience’s sense of colour, along with periods of high spatial movement akin to a flock of parrots suddenly departing their perch.